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Fashion that feels good, inside and out.

How We Started

Founded in 2021 by Surat-based sisters Ayushi Bhaiya and Priyanka Bhaiya, the inspiration to start Alternative came from seeing and realizing the dirty impact of fast fashion on our only planet to live and its people. After a bit of digging and learning about what could be done about this, they zeroed on starting a sustainable fashion brand that leverages sustainable fabrics and dyes, evergreen styles and an on-demand production model. With Ayushi’s creative background as a fashion designer and a stylist, combined with Priyanka’s experience in ecommerce and marketing, the duo set out to provide people with a beautiful, functional and sustainable ‘Alternative’ to fast fashion.

At Alternative, we combine the most sustainable fabrics on earth with beautiful, timeless styles to create everyday high quality wardrobe staples that you will turn to time and again and will last for years to come.  

What We Do



Better fabrics, lesser impact

Over 70% of the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the raw material production stage. At Alternative, we work with sustainable, natural fabrics like GOTS certified organic hemp, organic cotton, ahimsa silk, eucalyptus silk, handloom khadi, aloe vera and other such fabrics that require significantly much lesser resources and have a minimal impact on the planet and the people working on it. Not only this but these fabrics have amazing intrinsic properties that look and feel great on the skin.


Small batch, made-to-order production

One of the biggest problems with fast fashion is overproduction. Mass-produced brands intentionally make ~30% more than they sell. When these garments do not sell, they are dumped in landfills where they sit for hundreds of years or are incinerated. At Alternative, we make designs in small batches and on a made-to-order basis, so we only make what you actually want to buy.


Timeless, versatile styles

Our clothing is designed to be versatile and long-lasting. We refuse to follow temporary fads and instead focus on creating evergreen masterpieces with the highest quality that you can style and wear time and time again. We believe that this approach will help reduce the amount of clothing waste that ends up in landfills.